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Fire on the Water Logos

The idea was to have graphic artists of all levels submit their work in a simple barter arrangement. You give us a logo, and we provide a VIP ticket experience for the artist's trouble. As the art started coming in, we knew picking just one design wasn't going to be easy. Instead, we decided to choose several and use them in different ways. All winners will be given not one, but two tickets to the show and VIP parking.

Chosen Festival Logo
Amaranth Designs
In our field testing, this logo pulled in the most votes by the public. Elements from all three logos will make their way in most of the branding for the festival.

Merch Logo #1
Jake Callis
Neck to neck with the winning design was this one. Several people who looked at this one said, "I'd buy that if it were on a t-shirt" We agreed, and so a limited supply will be available the day of the show.

Merch Logo #2
Jennifer Clinard
This design was on the back of our minds when we went to visit a local logo imprint specialist that could wrap a guitar in a graphic treatment. If the right sponsorship opportunity falls into place, we're going to make this design a reality.

Mayor's Pick
MacKenzie Gornay
This logo had appeal among many females who were surveyed. One in particular, Mayor Brown, liked it so much we had to give this one a nod for great work.

Painter's Choice
Petra Evaro
While we technically asked artists for logos, Petra went a different direction with this beautiful painting. If the budget allows, we'd like to create a limited-edition run of prints.

Merch Logo #3
Michael Carris
This last logo attracted those who really are focused on the fire. If a trucker hat finds its way into the merch lineup, this logo will be front and center.