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Park Details

How to get here

A variety of directions for different devices will be found here. Boaters will have specific instructions here on safe locations to view from the water (the channel will be off limits). Buoys will likely be installed to easily identify safe areas to enjoy the show. Landing on the shore of Lock 4 will not be permitted.

Google Directions

Lock 4 Parking

The park has a giant field in which to park most types of vehicles. Alternate properties and shuttle services will be announced here soon. There will be a fee for parking in the park; however, incentives may be offered for carpooling. VIP parking will also be offered when tickets become available. The festival is interested in partnering with property owners who have large fields near the park for satellite parking. Please call Jeff Hentschel at 615-451-5961 for information.

Craft Beer will be available

Craft (and regular) beer will be available in the park. Patrons will not be allowed to bring in coolers with drinks and hard alcohol will not be available.

General Rules and Info

Rules are a drag, but they benefit everyone's experience. Examples of what is not allowed are lawn chairs, glass containers and umbrellas. .